Products and services

Customers can use QIWI to make payments to over 2,000 providers.
Mobile phones, Internet, TV
QIWI is one of the most popular ways to pay for telecommunication services provided by Russian and foreign operators.
Users can make payments at their convenience and always stay in touch.
Housing and public utilities
Payment for housing and public utilities is one of the most demanded services in self-service terminals. It is possible to make payments quickly, without waiting in line and close to home through a self-service terminal, the internet or your mobile phone.
QIWI allows bank customers to make payments on loans and also deposit money to accounts and bank cards.
Money remittance, electronic money
QIWI allows users to transfer money both domestic and internationally. All funds are transferred through a secure channel. In addition, the QIWI payment service allows you to top up the balance of electronic wallets and virtual accounts in different payment systems.
Content for mobile phones & lotteries
There is a wide range of popular music, pictures, jokes, games, horoscopes and mobile dating services available through QIWI.
QIWI also provides a lottery platform, on which winnings are instantly paid to the winner's QIWI Wallet account.
QIWI Visa Virtual
The rechargeable Visa Virtual card is available through QIWI. This card can be used in all online stores where Visa is accepted as a payment option.
This service is provided for customers who do not have bank cards or prefer not to use their cards on the internet.
Entertainment (tickets to clubs, events), travel agencies
QIWI payment service allows customers to purchase entertainment tickets, pay travel agencies to book hotels and much more.
Plane tickets
Around 80% of airplane tickets issued are e-tickets. The QIWI payment service gives customers an easy and convenient way to pay for pre-booked tickets of popular airlines.
Train tickets
QIWI allows users to book and pay for electronic railway tickets (with options to select the date, time and seat) which can be easily be converted into a paper to travel document before departure.
State (public) payments and charity
QIWI allows customers to make a variety of payments to the government:
- Taxes
- State fees
- Traffic fines
QIWI is also a popular and convenient way for anyone to make charitable contributions.
Products from catalogs
The QIWI payment service allows customers to pay for different products found in catalogs, such as cosmetics and perfume, jewelry, household goods, audio, video and books, health products and much more.
Online games, social networks
Customers can top up their balance and pay for extra services in social networks. Users can also pay for subscriptions in online games, even if they do not have a bank card or have one not accepted on the internet.
QIWI allows customers to pay for various licensed software, including anti-virus programs, office software, maps for navigation systems and much more.
Periodical subscriptions
QIWI allows users to subscribe and pay for a number of printed publications. There will also soon be an option to subscribe to online publications, including some unique issues and archives.
Insurance contributions
Customers no longer have to waste time going to the insurance office - they can pay for their insurance contributions directly through QIWI terminals.
Internet shops, FOREX
QIWI is a convenient way to pay in hundreds of online shops. To make a payment, all you need to do is select QIWI as the payment option on the merchant's website. The transaction will immediately be carried out, transferring money from the customers QIWI wallet to the store. In addition, customers can also transfer money to trade on FOREX.

Today you can use QIWI to make payments with a number of different service providers:

  • Internet providers, IP-telephones and cable/satellite TV operators;
  • electronic payment systems (RBC Money, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Wallet One and others);
  • mobile phone operators;
  • utilities and fixed-line telephone companies;
  • online shopping;
  • airlines and railways;

and many others.

Read the full list of services available for payment through QIWI in each country at its regional QIWI site.

If you are interested in an operator that is not listed, you can quickly arrange to make payments to the operator by contacting your local QIWI office.

Find more information about our services by downloading presentations:

QIWI Visa Virtual Gift Card.

QIWI and state pension co-financing program.